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Sasa Obradovic: Somehow I hate and love this place08.09.2017

Lokomotiv Kuban is holding a preseason camp in Serbian Kopaonik. Loko’s Head Coach Sasa Obradovic told Lokobasket.com about the place for the preparation camp, its role in his career, what our players do on off-days and his view on our players in Eurobasket.

- The team had a few off-days. How did players spend the time?

- Some guys took a long sleep, then they use the swimming pool, sauna, SPA . Some walk around the hotel. It's a bit isolated place with nice facilities. European championship started and a lot of people watched basketball. The most important is that we work on team chemistry and talk to each other a lot. Personally I am very satisfied with an attitude, effort of all players , they are doing a great job preparing the conditional base for the season. It’s still important to stay healthy and to be ready for first preparation games.

- What about you? What did you do?

- The same as them but the most I watched basketball. Like I said not much to do and I was more focused on what we needed to do to get better.

- Why did you choose Kopaonik for the preseason camp?

- Kopaonik is a great place for a preparation camp. They have the best Spa center, several basketball courts, a great lifting room, everything that you need. All my biggest successes for the national team started here. Somehow I hate and love this place. I hate it for the bloody work but love for big achievements afterwards.

- Did you tell the team what the place means to you?

- Maybe I mentioned this to some of the players but I didn’t talk about this in front of the team. But as I’ve said its importance is certain. I love this mountain. I come here almost every year to stay here for 2-3 days, if it’s not preparations, because there are really good facilities, SPA-center. I really love this place.

- What can you say about physical conditions of the team after two weeks of practice?

- It’s OK. It’s more than a week. We passed a very important part with a very good attitude from all players. I would say we did a very good job. We are preparing not just physically but also teambuilding and chemistry. This is the biggest issue. We are still searching each other and there’s a lot of space for improvement. Chemistry is the main goal.

- Are you following Eurobasket-2017?

- Yes, I do.

- What do you think about Ivlev, Khvostov, and Baburin there?

- Baburin is not playing yet. Ivlev has a good role. Khvostov has a really important role for the Russian team. I think he is doing a good job. He is a good point guard for this team.

- Were you surprised when Ivlev appeared in the starting five?

- Ivlev has certain quality to play. I think he can play anytime from the bench. He is very good. He can definitely help in any phase of a game. For me he can be used anytime and he can be good.

- Stas Ilnitsky has recently joined Loko in the preseason camp returning from the national team. What can you say about him and his physical condition?

- He came a little bit tired. So we were careful with him first two days. Now he has already started to practice with the team. He will be a help definitely. I can see this and I’m happy I have him. It’s good addition.



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