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Frank Elegar: I'm probably TOP 3 of the VTB League dunkers 31.08.2017

Lokomotiv Kuban is currently staying in Serbia where our team is preparing for a new season. A newcomer of Loko Frank Elegar made time for Lokobasket.com to tell us about the most unusual preseason camp in his career, dunks, and Sasa Obradovic.

- Frank you have already played for eight teams. What was your most unusual preseason camp?

- Maybe in France because we really ran paths in the forest and mountains.

- What do you think about Kopaonik? Do you like Serbia?

- It's nice. A place where as a team you can lock into what you need as far as conditioning and basketball and it has the resources to recover after. Great scenery when you have some down time.

- What are you doing along with practices and watching the scenery?

- Resting or talking to family.

- You’ve become famous in the VTB United League due to your dunks. Have you ever counted how many dunks you make in a season?

- I never really thought about the numbers. Only maybe if someone is keeping track I'm probably Top 3.

- Who are other two players in Top 3?

- Maybe Latavius Williams from Unics and Mickell Gladness from Kalev.

- Who is the toughest defender in Loko to make a dunk?

- Haven't played enough against everyone to tell yet. But it's real physical in the paint for sure regardless of who it is.

- What do you thinks about Sasa Obradovic and his practices?

- Great coach. He is very into details and the specifics. I told him over the sums I love his emotion and passion for basketball especially when it's game time.



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