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Lokomotiv Kuban launches quiz LokoMachine 23.12.2016

Loko created the first amusement machine among all athletic clubs.

LokoMachine is a combination of a basketball machine and a guessing game. A player should throw a ball into one of two rims, the one which fits with a right answer to a question on basketball or general knowledge. Questions appear on a screen located between the rims. According to a number of right answers and his or her accuracy, a player can win an up-to-100-per-cent discount on Loko’s home games.

LokoMachine will be available for playing in major shopping centers of Krasnodar for two months – Oz Moll, SBA, and Krasnaya Ploshchad. In spring, the machine will move to Basket-Hall.

Nikita Starun, Communications Director of PBC Lokomotiv Kuban:

- Creating LokoMachine, we wanted to give everybody, even a person who is not interested in basketball, a chance to feel emotions of the game. The beauty of basketball is about emotions. It’s difficult to attract a spectator by a banner, we need to give a person a chance to feel the game. During three minutes, a person can test his or her knowledge, throw a ball and get a chance to enjoy a full-scale show in Basket-Hall.

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban expresses its gratitude to the Company Grouping FORA (construction), the Robotics Laboratory of Kuban State University (software) and personally Sergei Khinski from ‘Claustrophobia. Arkada’ Project for their support.



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