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Loko’s players visited the Botkin Hospital!25.07.2013

The captain of “Loko” Sergey Bykov and Alexey Savrasenko, who had a brilliant season at Krasnodar’s Club, with the other players from the Russian national team visited a young fan Pavel Gulai, who is going through treatments in the Botkin Hospital.

After the morning training players from the Russian national team went to the Botkin Hospital, where they visited Pavel Gulai, who is straggling with leukemia.

Игроки «Локо» посетили Боткинскую больницу

Sergey Bykov and Alexey Savrasenko during their talk with Pasha.

Pavel is a great fan of basketball and was nearly a professional player himself. Pavel admitted to the guys from “Loko” that he has always been red-greens’ fan. In-between the chemotherapy treatments he still finds strengths to go outside and throw the ball in a basket.

Игроки «Локо» посетили Боткинскую больницу

Pasha with the ball signed by the national team players.

The national tem players – Sergey Bykov, Alexey Savrasenko, Sergey Monya, Semen Antonov, Dmitry Khvostov, Dmitry Sokolov, Iegor Vyaltsev and Anton Pankrashov brought Pasha presents and invited to the friendly match with Ukraine, which will take place on the 28th of August on Khimiki arena. Pavel has got one more treatment left, which will hopefully help him to fight the serious illness.

“Lokomotiv” and the Russian Basketball federation wish Pasha to get well soon!

Text by Kristina Mishina



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