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Igor Kudelin still has a lot of steam29.10.2012

Soviet basketball veterans met on the Kaunas court to play a friend game “Legends Match”. Regardless the meeting was just an introduction to VTB UL game Zalgiris vs CSKA. The game happened spectacular exciting and bright. Head coach of our juniors Igor Kudelin became the top performer among the basketball legends.

- Igor what are your impressions of the match?

- Impressions are the most pleasant. However I have not been played before fourteen thousands of spectators.

- The stands were really full of stands? And how it was?

- I used to play before such numerous basketball fans and more than once. So it just cast warm reminiscences over me. But to tell the truth before coming to the court I was not sure that a lot of people would be on the stands. Surely all of them were waiting for the first teams but I think were interesting too for them.

- What is the difference between the games Zalgiris vs CSKA in the eighties and today?

- The difference is in a quantity of foreign players. The rest is near the same. Zalgiris excites the same interest as it was in the past. This club is able to win the Euroleague. CSKA is still ambitious as always.

- How do you find physical shape of your teammates and opponents today? Has time power over basketballers?

- Surely it has (smiling). I am the youngest one in this company because even guys who are over sixty came to the court. The rate is slower but there is an idea in the game. They play more intelligent than young players do.

- Was it a show or a serious game?

- At the beginning it looked like a show. Lithuanians suggested us to play a drawn game but then they began to lead. Foxy! They haven’t changed. At the end the fans had been turned on as though it was an official game. All the local fans support cheered up loudly their favourite team but when I made a shot and CSKA began to lead deathly silence came in the gym.

- Who of the opponents impressed you much?

- Sabonis did, of course. Giant machine. It’s really impossible to hold him on the court.

- You became the top performer of the match. Could you share your secret of eternal youth?

- I have no secret. As they say he still has a lot of steam. I still have confidence in a shot. My teammates told me before the game that they relied upon me.

- Are you ready to participate in such kind of game again?

- Yes I am. Tarakanov heads veteran movement of CSKA and has big plans such as to invite Real. Besides these games give us excellent chance to meet the guys you played when a professional basketballer.

Text by Sergey Lachinov



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