ПБК Локомотив-Кубань

Bazarevic: "You have to win, but you have to have fun winning!"

Sergey Bazarevic's first big interview as Lokomotiv Kuban's head coach; what the current team and Anthony Randolph will turn out to be like, about Loko's players in national teams, family's basketball obsession and useless attempts to fight it using football and House of Cards series.  Read more >

Loko's mascot Zubastik took part in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Lokomotiv's mascot Zubastik accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Monitoshka with the help of Malcolm Delaney and Maxim Kolushkin, and nominated four other Russian basketball mascots: horse, hedgehog, moose and dragon. According to the rules, nominated participants have 24 hours to complete the challenge. Read more >

Lokomotiv signed sponsorship with ANTA

Chinese largest clothing manufacturer ANTA is now Lokomotiv Kuban's sponsor. The agreement does not only provide gear supply for the team, but also includes development of new sportswear and casual clothing collections in club's colours and with club's symbolics for retail sales.  Read more >

Nikita Balashov joined Loko

23-year-old forward Nikita Balashov will continue his career in Lokomotiv Kuban - club signed the player under 1+1 contract scheme. Former season Balashov played in Khimki, where he was getting most of his time in youth team. Before moving to Khimki Nikita played in Krasnye Krylya under Sergey Bazarevic, who was training the player throughout his whole professional career starting form the season 2010-11 in Dinamo Moscow. 

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Loko brings in Anthony Randolph

Lokomotiv Kuban signed 25-year-old American center under 1+1 contract scheme. Chosen in first draft round under number 14, Randolph spent all six years of his professional career in NBA, played for Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets. 211cm tall and 102kg of weight Randolph will add up to Loko’s front line’s mobility and athleticism. Read more >